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A ceiling half-way through the solution Halfway through a soundproofed floor


Do you want affordable tried and tested soundproofing ?

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1. We will recommend an Affordable tried and tested solution for your problem, professionally fitted by Arc Acoustic Solutions.


2. We will do our very best, with information by phone, or carry out a free

   site visit, to supply and fit a bespoke solution tailored to your needs.


3. We always work hard to keep our solutions affordable, so we don't over

   engineer your solution.

You've been on the internet surfing all the products, and there's a lot but what works? What doesn't? Could I do it myself to save money? If I buy the products, how do I know I am going to do it right and how effective are they?


Our team members are trained to fit soundproofing solutions and due to the technical nature of this work, we would not recommend fitting the products yourself (or even by a joiner, handyman or builder).  We have recently found that a lot of work installed by the above-mentioned has had to be ripped out and refitted, causing clients unnecessary expense etc.

Halfway through a soundproofed floor

A ceiling half-way through the solution

Wall halfway through soundproofing process

Bedroom wall halfway through soundproofing process 100satisfaction-3

In the unlikely event of you finding our system fitted not as effective as promised. We will upgrade FREE of charge.