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ARC Acoustic Solutions are based in Glasgow with over 30 years in the industry. We can supply and fit affordable, effective noise reduction solutions tailored to your needs for your home or business. We offer soundproofing solutions for walls, ceilings and floors, all of our work is guaranteed and fully insured. All the materials we use are fully accredited, documented and tested for their soundproofing properties. All Solutions are finished to the highest quality - and we will lay final floor finishes, or paint if required.


We will visit you at a time that suits you so that we can discuss your sound insulation needs, and we will suggest the best solution for you. So contact us today and let us find the perfect soundproof solution for you.




Don't let noise ruin your life!

Making the luxury of peace and quiet affordable throughout Scotland and the UK

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Hands over ears

"Next door kept partying whilst I was trying to sleep, I had the Gold wall system fitted, Now I cant hear anything. Fantastic :)"


                                                                      - Angela, Glasgow



In the unlikely event of you finding our system fitted not as effective as promised. We will upgrade FREE of charge.