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"Today is the first day I can remember sleeping in for years. Thanks to Arc Acoustic Solutions, no more early (6am) neighbour music to wake me up. I'll need to start setting my alarm again."

May McCreaddie, Glasgow

Lindsay, Shawlands

"I was a bit scared at first of spending money on soundproofing walls to try to create a bit of peace between myself and the neighbours through the wall. Also, I wasn't sure I wanted to lose my cornice, either.  Mr Campbell came out, measured up, gave me a great price and told me not to worry: "I wouldn't lose my cornice". They came and cleanly and efficiently fitted the wall solution to my living room and bedroom. They took their solution to the underside of my cornice, so to be honest, I wasn't sure it would work.


The next three nights after work, I came home and sat quietly, waiting to hear my neighbour, and heard nothing. Being a music teacher, I thought I would really put things to the test. I brought home a few of my students with their instruments and we played. Surely, this should at least be heard by the neighbours. I was astounded to find out that the solution is so good that there were no complaints.... Well done, guys. I have and will continue to recommend ARC Acoustic Solutions. Again, well done."

Enjoy the comfort of your home in peace and quiet.

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“I recently had the employees from ARC Acoustic Solutions installing soundproofing within my property. My observations were that they were very mannerly and were also very respectful with regards to my carpets and my existing décor, providing dust sheets where required. The soundproofing solution itself has proved to be a very worthwhile project and has reduced the noise problems I was experiencing .I would highly recommend this company.”

John, Clydebank

lady showing her new sound proofed wall

"Next door kept partying whilst I was trying to sleep, I had the Gold wall system fitted, Now I cant hear anything. Fantastic :)"

Angela, Glasgow

"Amazing Result, more than delighted. Delighted with what Robert has done for us. we can now enjoy our home far more than ever before, well worth the investment and a pleasure dealing with Robert throughout. He took us through the process virtually hassle free."

Maria & John, Glasgow

"Thank you so much Robert, Vibrations that previously would have been crashes are now mere ripples and NO NOISE !!!!!!!! BRILLIANT!"

Nicky, Edinburgh