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Don't let noises coming through your floorboards disrupt your daily life. Call us today on 0141 390 8018  or  07801 089 079

Floor Soundproofing

We offer Effective Affordable Solutions at all levels, depending on the source of the noise. For example:


• Is it a neighbourhood noise from downstairs?

• Is it your own noise from upstairs?

• Is it noise from your own home that's bothering a neighbour downstairs?

• Can the solution be put under your original floor?

• Do you require a solution that stops the noise without your floors being lifted?


We can come and have a chat with you, and discuss all of these questions and more. We will then measure up and recommend what we think is best, then professionally supply and fit your solution.

Ready for the client to put their finished floor down

if required carpet etc.


In the unlikely event of you finding our system fitted not as effective as promised. We will upgrade FREE of charge.

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Timber finish on a completed soundproofed floor